Sunday, June 1, 2008


Have you ever been in a store that you "like", or think you "like", and notice that they have an email list sign up sheet? Have you then signed up for emails on said sheet? I have. It all started several months ago...okay, many months ago. I actually think it was last year. Anyway....

Ninja Scott, Mike, and I took several of the scouts up to Salt Lake City to try a Discover Scuba course. It was free, because the company was having a parking lot sale or some sort of cool deal. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it or not. I knew I wanted to Scuba dive, but I didn't know if I wanted to show off my white whale lard body to all of the neighborhood scouts. Mike insisted.

We went to Dive Addicts for the course. It was actually really fun. Of course, I totally freaked out the first time I tried to breathe underwater. That must be a reflex or something. The instructor was really great though, and made sure we were all comfortable and knew the rules.

After the short class, we went and looked around the parking lot sale and inside the store. They were having a contest with all sorts of cool prizes. One of the prizes was this really cool pink set. It's by Tusa, and Mike could only find it for sale as a set in the UK. How rude?! It had a pink mask, pink fins, and a pink snorkel. Of course I LOVED it! So, I entered to win. They had a box you could check on the entry form: "Check here to join our mailing list". I was planning on getting certified, so I checked the box.

Needless to say, I am still not Scuba certified, yet I still receive the emails. I got one this afternoon. "Cave diving in Mexico" was the subject line. Are they trying to make me sad and wish I was certified with all of my dives??? Apparently the answer is Yes. And yes, I am too lazy to actually click the "remove me from this mailing list" link. I guess I just hope that someday I'll be able to go on one of those trips because I'll be certified.....and because I have $5000+ to drop on a vacation just for me. Okay, I guess I could take Mike too. haha

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