Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tomorrow is my dad's birthday. Happy birthday Dad! Hope you like what I got you!

I was going to buy him this really nice grill set. But then I thought to myself, and Marshy, outloud "I don't recall ever seeing a grill at their house." So I called Mike. He didn't recall ever seeing a grill at their house either. They have a gas fire pit, but we weren't sure if they used that for grilling. It takes forever to do marshmallows!

Anyway, I decided not to get him the grill set. Instead I made him a gift bag with treats and Season 2 of Gilligan's Island (I gave him Season 1 a few years ago). The reason I went with the gift bag was because after walking around Wal-Mart for almost 90 minutes, trying to get a hold of someone in the family, I decided that because they weren't answering my calls, I got to decide what to get him! hahahaha! The gift bag has some white cheddar popcorn, Sun-Dried Tomato Pringles, Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix, Mint Milano cookies, two boxes of Orange Sticks (the best ever!), and the movie. I think he'll like it.

The other reason why I decided to go with the gift bag is because I was tired of people looking at me like I beat my child. Marshy's eye is a lot better, but the whole left side of his face is one giant black, purple, and hot pink bruise! To top it off, they had a GIANT display of BALLS, right in the middle of the main aisle! Balls that were twice the size of Marshy! And of course, all he could think about was "BALL!" "Mommy, where's ball?" "MOMMY! BALL!" "WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" And of course, I looked like the mean parent who not only beats my child, but also won't let him have a ball.

NOTE: Marshy has so many balls, it isn't even funny! If I bought him a ball every time we went to Wal-Mart, which is where he always sees them and ALWAYS wants one, then I wouldn't have any room to walk in our house! Also, I don't beat my child. He fell down the stairs. In his stroller. Again, not on purpose, I was standing right there and it slipped off the landing. I don't generally leave him in his stroller at the tops of stairs. I'm not that irresponsible!


Lola said...

Child beater!!!! Buy the poor boy another ball....out of'll make you feel better for throwing him down the stairs!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

So his birthday is my birthday! How fun.