Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fabrics and Quilts

After much deliberation, I finally picked out the main fabrics of my stash quilt. I originally selected some really bright colors: hot pinks, neon yellow, lime green, bright orange, and black. I know that black isn't really a bright color, but mixed with the other colors it looked pretty bright. I laid all the fabrics out next to each other and was about ready to start cutting when I decided that I didn't really like the fabrics I had chosen. They were great together, but they didn't seem to mesh with the theme of the quilt. I did some more digging in my stash, and found the perfect fabrics. I would've posted pictures, except that my cutting table is a complete mess and I want to get the top mostly done before I photograph. That way it will be a surprise!

I've been working on one of Mike's aunt's quilts at the shop. She dropped off 3 quilts over a year ago. I have just barely been able to get to them. She is very understanding, as she lives in California and usually only visits Utah during the summer, and the BYU football season. She and her husband stopped by the shop about 3 weeks ago, and she remembered she had left some quilts. She had forgotten about one of them, but wanted to know if anyone had done any work on the other 2. I felt really bad that it had taken me so long to start on them. I hurried and finished the quilt that was on the machine (a quilt for a client) and started working on our aunt's quilts. I finished one, and am now halfway through the second one. I'm hoping to finish it and the third one by the end of next week. I'm not sure when she is coming back, but I really would like to have them all done by the time she gets here, so she doesn't have to wait any longer for her quilts.

My next goal after that is to get Lynsey's baby quilt done. It needs to be done and quilted before baby Jax gets here. She doesn't know what it looks like and I want it to be a total surprise, so you won't see any pictures of it on here until I get it done and give it to her...... Or will you? Maybe I'll post pictures of it with all of my other quilt projects, and just not tell you which one it is. Wouldn't that be great? haha Sorry Lyns!

I've also got a quilt for Marshy that I want to get done. I still need to find the backing fabric for it, but it will be cute. It is a Disney's Cars-themed quilt called Victory Lane. You can get the free pattern online here, but you have to be signed in to actually access the quilt pattern. It's free to join, so if you want the pattern, head on over there and sign up for a free account!