Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great new challenge

So, I was reading some of my favorite blogs tonight, and Nanette had posted an adorable quilt that her daughter had done for a friend. Then she referenced a great new challenge that another blog, Eileen's Attic (head on over to her blog if you want to join the challenge), was hosting. I have decided to give it a try. It is the Summer Stash Challenge. There aren't a whole lot of restrictive rules, and it sounds like a GREAT way to use up some of that stash that you have hidden in your cupboards, drawers, closets, under the bed, and maybe even in the trunk of your cars! Since my hubby has said that I can't buy any more fabric until I've used most of mine (my stash isn't the largest at the present), I figured this was perfect for me. Plus, you can never have too many quilts!! I'll definitely keep ya'all posted with my progress. I have so many cute fabrics to choose from, it will definitely be hard, but maybe I'll just do a fun and basic patchwork quilt. We'll see!!


Anonymous said...

I have a sewing machine gathering dust because I don't sew anymore! Couldn't take the mess! But quilting sounds so calming...except for the fact that I am SO impatient! grrr

Ulla said...

Welcome to join us in the challenge! you can make a very big quilt if you want to :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm on the challenge too. Nothing much to show yet as I'm still hand sewing.