Monday, March 28, 2011

More OPAM finishes for March

Our group, Colton's Angels, made these sweet blankets last year, and we've never gotten the labels sewn on them.  I've had them sitting at my house for weeks, and made a deadline of the end of this month to finish them.  I didn't realize how quickly the month flew by!  So, I quickly stitched the labels on.  Now they are all ready for delivery: all 19 of them!

Here is a close-up shot of our labels.  Aren't they so sweet??  I just love the little angel.

I also managed to finish this Christmas candle needlepoint. Woohoo! I am starting to make quite a dent in my bag of to-be-made-Christmas-decorations.  Although, Mike keeps asking whose home they will be decorating, because there's no way they're going up in our house! haha He thinks they are kind of old-fashioned, and wants a more modern look for Christmas.  Oh well, too bad for him! *evil laugh*
I feel like I have gotten so much accomplished this month, but I still have so much left that I want to do!  It's crazy!!

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