Thursday, June 5, 2008


Grandma and Grandpa P arrived home safely Wednesday morning (shortly after midnight) and we are so happy to have them back!

They brought great outfits for everyone. Marshy's is so cute! It is maroon and I'm sure he'll look so adorable in it. His head doesn't currently fit through the neck hole, so Lola is fixing it for me, since I was too nervous to alter it. I'll put pictures up of my boys on Sunday. Mike has one too, and he looks very dashing in it.

My aunt is also in town for the week. She's the one I made the baby quilt for with the green frogs on the backing. They're staying just a few minutes away from our house, so we're hoping we'll get the chance to see them while they're in town.

It's been so much fun to gather as a family and have basically a never-ending party. I have some really great photos from the airport, but I have to find the cable to upload them from my camera. Hopefully I'll get all my great pics on here by Sunday.

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