Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More OPAM finishes - June

Okay, so I took pictures of everything, but then left the camera at work, so I promise to add pictures in later. 

Remember how I went on vacation, and had a big old list of things that I was gonna get done.  Yeah, didn't. But, I did get a couple of quilts bound, so I guess that's progress, right?

So anyway, here is the first quilt that I bound.  It was for our Twilight Saga: Eclipse party last night.

I also finished binding the "OZ" quilt and a Halloween placemat/table topper that I had quilted a while ago. Like I said, I have the pictures, just at work, so I will update this post later and add the pictures in. 

I actually feel like I got a lot accomplished this month.  I quilted a whole bunch of my personal quilts, but I'm not going to count them as finishes until they are bound (part of the OPAM rules).  So, hopefully next month they will be bound and count as finishes.

Also, I have a couple more of the Christmas cross-stitch ornaments that I'm working on, so here's to getting them done next month, too.  We'll see, I guess :)

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