Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another March OPAM finish!

I have been working on this fun little cross stitch since 2001, when I was in high school. Yes, I know, it's pathetic that it's taken me 9 years to finish it. But, thanks to OPAM 2010, I actually had a reason to finish it!
It turned out really great. I don't really have anywhere for it yet, so I'm not going to frame it as of right now. I have a file of complete cross-stitchings, so I think it'll go in there until I'm ready for it.
It comes from Stoney Creek's Splish Splash Splendor book. It's called "Just Like Mom."

The book has a lot of fun patterns. I think I want to do the kids brushing their teeth and maybe the outhouse, someday....Perhaps when I have oodles of time to start another project!
I really like the one of the little boy sitting on the potty, too...it kind of reminds me of my little guy.
Anyway, glad I had another finish for OPAM in March. And just in time, too! I finished late last night, and would have posted, but Blogger was being dumb and wouldn't let me upload any pictures. For rude! Glad it actually cooperated with me this time!

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Cut-N-Shoot Quilting Diva said...

That is such a cute piece! Nothing quite like OPAM to get you off your rump and finish some WIPs!