Sunday, January 30, 2011

My New Ironing Board

 Isn't this fabric gorgeous?!  A while back I bought a whole bunch of this fabric.  It's from Cloe's Imagination by Tina Givens.  I LOVE it, but I didn't have anything I wanted to use it for.  Well, we spilled some Thai food on our ironing board cover last week, and I decided to try to wash it.  BIG MISTAKE.  So, since I ruined the old one, I had to make a new one (cheaper than buying one, since I have oodles of fabric laying around).
 It turned out pretty great, I think :)  I used a tutorial from Fabritopia but made a few changes.  I was trying to save money, not spend any, so instead of buying rope or twine, I used some elastic that I had lying around.  I sewed two packages together, and threaded it through the casing.  Also, I sewed the casing raw edges even with the right side of the cover and then let the elastic do its thing.
I had some of this fun hot pink fabric left over from a quilt back, so I sewed a few strips together and used it as the casing.  I made my casing strips 2.5 inches instead of 2 inches like the tutorial suggests.

I'm really happy with this project.  I think it turned out great!  Mike, on the other hand, is not too crazy about the hot pink and lime green color combo....he says it's too girly.  To which I replied that it didn't matter because it was just an ironing board! haha