Sunday, June 29, 2008

I guess this day had to come eventually

I have realized today that I have started to sound like my mother. And, no matter how many times I told myself that I would NEVER sound like her "when I grow up", it still happened.

How do I know I sound like my mother, you ask? Well I will tell you.

Example 1:
Mike and his brother and some guys they knew went scuba diving in the pond. While Marshy and I waited and fed the ducks, I noticed some young kids, about 8-10 years old, playing under the bridge. Then they started climbing on the bridge. Then they started jumping off of the bridge! Now, there are signs posted all over saying "DO NOT JUMP OFF BRIDGE". And of course, me being the rule-following killjoy that I am, decided that I had to do something. Yes, there were plenty of other adults sitting around the area, but were any of them paying attention to these 4 children who apparently didn't belong to them? NO! What did I do? I got up and pushed the stroller over the bridge. As I passed two of the boys who were making their way to the middle of the bridge, I said "You aren't jumping off the bridge are you?" They said they were. To which I replied "Well it's against the law, and you could get really hurt. My friend almost died jumping off this bridge." (the following picture is an actual picture of the bridge...they were jumping off of the bottom part, not the part you walk on.)

No, my friend didn't almost die....but she did know someone who got seriously hurt, so I bent the truth a little to make a point. Did it work? Yes. It apparently scared them enough that they stopped playing on and under the bridge immediately, and swam back toward the sandy beach at the other end.

Example 2:

We were at Mike's parents for a family function. Most of the kids were in the basement playing and watching a movie. All of a sudden, there were loud screams coming from the basement. I ran down to see what was wrong. Nothing was wrong. They were screaming for fun. Not cool! What did I say? Well, exactly what my mom would've said to us:

Yes, that is proof right there that I have become my mother. Not to mention the countless times I have told Marshy to "eat your vegetables" or "go to sleep" or "sit still!" I guess it just comes with the territory. I just wish that someone would have told me back when I was younger that no matter what I say, I will sound exactly like my mother someday.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Just wait, it gets worse, you get more and more like your mom all the time. I know! I'm living proof. I said the same thing.

Kathi D said...

Oh honey, this is just the beginning . . .

I vowed I would never say, "When I was your age" and guess how many times I've broken that vow?

Jill said...

You know what's even more fun?

When your child opens their mouth, and you hear your own voice come out, saying something you've told them a million times.

(Of course the down side of that is that you really need to watch what you say)

Anonymous said...

I was the weirdest kid on the block. When other kids were skipping rope, I heard: "Don't do that!! You'll fall and break your neck!!"

I was the only kid wrapped in wool scarves in July: "Don't take that off! You'll catch a cold and die!" kid couldn't skip rope and she had to wear her fur boots in July.

No wonder she hates me.....but she never broke her neck!!