Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dentist said so!

This morning I was flossing my teeth and my wire popped off. I have one of those permanent wire retainers cemented to my 4 front bottom teeth. Major pain in my butt is what it is! Anyway, who would've thought that it would pop off from FLOSS??

It's popped off before, so I guess I should be used to going to the dentist to get it re-cemented.

Time 1: It was Christmas Eve. I bit into one of those delicious caramel rice balls, and POP! The right side of my retainer popped off. My dentist was out of town, and his "in case of emergency" dentist wasn't answering his phone. This was a major emergency! It was a major food eating holiday, and I had a piece of wire hanging off of my tooth! Luckily, my mom had my old ortho's phone number (he was the one who put it in) and he was willing to go in to the office to re-cement my wire for me. So nice of him.

Time 2: Last year I went in for a cleaning, and the hygenist chipped most of the glue off of the right side. Duh! What a dummy! How can you confuse dental cement with plaque and tartar? Seriously, it is a totally different color. I had to go in a week later to get it re-cemented, and I had to pay for it!

Time 3: This morning at around 9:30. Flossing. Who'da thunk? I called my dentist's office. He's out of town until next week. They had the nerve to ask me "Does it hurt?" My reply? "I have to hold it down to talk." Them: "Oh yeah, that is bad." Ya think?! Fortunately they were able to squeeze me in with the other dentist in the office at 11. I got there and had to wait 45 minutes before they got to me. It took them 5 minutes to re-cement it. Grrr. While I was there though, Dr. Ball said that I don't have to floss anymore! YAY! I told him that if the hygenist gives me any crap next month when I go in, I'm telling her he gave me permission.

Oh! And another thing I was told by Dr. Ball: once your retainer comes off, you'll always have problems with it staying cemented to your tooth. Seems like the only reasonable solution would be to just take the darn thing out, right?


Kathi D said...

I used to have one of those and I popped it off eating a peanut M&M. Then the dentist pulled the loose tooth that was being held in by the wire and now I have a fake tooth. Good times.

Blakely said...

I am so glad I don't have one of those retainers. I have good old fashion kind that I sleep in only at night.

petersons said...

I stepped on my dumb bunny retainer one day while climbing on the bathroom sink (don't ask). Well, we never got around to getting it replaced since I didn't have very much longer to have to wear anyway. Bad my teeth are slightly seperating. I think I need to get a retainer again at 31 :(