Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eating out

Today we went to Las Tarascas for dinner. It was really tasty. However, the waiter should have shut his mouth a lot sooner than he did.

We walked in. No one was in the restaurant. For somewhere that has been voted "Best of Mexican" in Utah for 2006 and 2007, it sure was dead. We were starting to question our choice. There we stood in the middle of the restaurant trying to figure out if we should seat ourselves, or wait to be seated. The waiter walked up to us with menus.

"Hi, how many? 4? Or 3 almost 4?" and he smiled at me. Now, I can only deduce that he was implying that I was pregnant. Now, I am most definitely NOT pregnant. And hopefully I don't look it, either! Yes, I have gained a few pounds recently, but most certainly not because of Baby #2. Baby #2 is a long way off of even entering the picture. I immediately began questioning our decision to dine at this place.

The waiter seated us, and then walked away. Mike was holding Marshy-marsh. We sat down and Mike had to put baby on his lap. We started looking around to see if there was any sign of a high chair or booster seat. None were to be found. Five minutes later, the waiter came back over to see if we wanted something to drink. When we asked him if they had a baby seat, he looked surprised by our request, but went to get one.

When we finally did order, Mike ordered his food in the best Spanish he could muster. This was a mistake, as the waiter began speaking to him rapidly in Spanish, assuming that Mike was fluent. The waiter noticed Mike's being slightly flustered by this, and apologized saying that because of Mike's accent, he thought he was fluent.

Fortunately the dining experience got a little better. The food was really really good. It is the best Mexican I have ever had. I'm not a huge chile relleno fan, but I ordered a combo that came with one and it was surprisingly delicious! I found myself wishing I had just ordered the chile relleno meal instead! Mmmmm....tasty! Mike said that their refried beans were among the best he had ever had. Even Marshy actually ate his food, and liked it!

All in all, it was pretty yummy. Although I'm sure if the waiter had been a Brian Regan fan, he would have definitely been replaying the "When's that Ba-aby due?" bit over and over again in his head!


Kathi D said...

Oh cripes, that waiter must be an idiot! I learned a long time ago that you don't assume a woman is pregnant unless she is giving birth right in front of you.

I learned that by asking a bank teller "When's the baby due?" and she said, "Three months ago."

A person serving samples at Costco said something to me one day that indicated she thought I might be pregnant. I decided to take it as a compliment that she thought I was young enough to be pregnant. (another idiot!)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

At the waiters first "welcoming" comment I'd have walked. I'm glad your food was good bu it doesn't look like somewhere to go back to all the time.