Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MAY- One Project a Month Challenge

Okay, so I didn't totally slack off in April on this one project a month challenge. I PROMISE! I did manage to get my little brother's t-shirt quilt finished and quilted (still needs binding) and get the binding attached and half-way finished on Marshy's Froggin' Saur bankdie.

Anyway, I feel like I did manage to get a lot accomplished...sort of! haha

I started by tackling one of the BOM I've been "doing" this year. This one is the Tisket a Tasket 12 months of baskets. Instead of doing the applique, I decided to try my hand at redwork. Below: May's block.

Below: April's block.

I also finished the applique on this lovely. I have only been working on it for like 2 years! haha. I am hoping to get it quilted soon. Then I can put it away with my holiday decorations for Halloween this year.

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