Friday, June 13, 2008

Digging for GOLD!

So, we were sitting at our house eating dinner, and Mike and I look over at Marshy, and he has one of his fingers up his nose. I laugh and say "Get your finger out of your nose!" He thinks it's funny. He pulls his finger out, and then sticks his finger back in his nose.

Mike, being the "funny" parent, says "Can you pick both sides at the same time?" and then he demonstrates the technique. I missed the first few opportunities to get really great pictures. I was really sad, but I figured I would get the camera out anyway.

I'm sure I've said before that Marshy loves to ham it up for the camera, but in case I haven't: Marshy LOVES to ham it up for the camera. As soon as he saw the camera, it was double Gold digging HEAVEN!! Here are just a few of the cute shots I got....okay, it's really all of them!

Looking at dad to make sure he has the correct technique.
Clapping because we were clapping for him.
Ham-ing it up for the camera, while looking at dad (who was doing it too!)
Laughing at dad who is alternating between double gold digging and burping loudly.
More double brain-picking....hahaha
This one is of him picking still, but he turned away right before I snapped it. It was still funny though, how he had his hands, so I kept it.
Finally the fun stopped and dinner resumed. Of course, every now and then I'd catch my boys digging for gold, but boys will be boys!

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