Sunday, June 8, 2008

My first solo creation

So remember how a few weeks ago I made a baby quilt all by myself? Well today I got it quilted. I'm so happy with it. I was going to do a lot more quilting on it, but when I got it on the machine, I realized that it didn't really need as much quilting as I thought it would. I didn't want to over-quilt and ruin the look. I actually think it turned out brilliantly.

Sorry for the lesser quality in pictures. Apparently my lighting is really bad at my apartment. But! The backing fabric was this really pretty navy blue with splashes of yellow dots. It really looked like a night sky. So I decided to quilt the quilt with a light yellow thread and a star motif throughout.

This is the back side of the bottle block. I outlined the applique and then did a fairly tight meander around it.
This is what I did throughout the outer border. The border fabric looked like galaxies and stars, so I tried to replicate it in my quilting. I think it turned out really nicely. In the sashing borders I connected the stars in the setting blocks with loops and stars.
This is the finished quilt top. Again, sorry for poor quality pictures. I wish you could see the detail, because it really did turn out well.
In the outer setting squares I did a star. I call it the "care bear" star. I used to doodle them on my papers in high school with smiley faces and "shine points" (the lines at the tips and in the corners of the points). People said they looked like Care Bear stars. Hence, the name. I'm sure there is a real name out there somewhere, but that's what I call them. The stars in the smaller setting corners are just normal stars.
Another view of the back. If you look close you can see some of the border detail on the sides and at the bottom.
I quilted the "BABY" block blocks in an echo pattern. I was going to quilt on the actual applique blocks, but decided against it.
The back side of the bear applique. I outlined the bear's head, and then surrounded it with a circle of linked stars.
The back side of the feet applique. I outlined the applique and did a larger loop surrounding.
The backside of the stitched poem block. I quilted around the stitching in a kind of pointy word bubble, like they use in the comic books.

The back side of the hand applique. Outlined the hands and did the larger loop.
Backside of the duck applique. Outlined the duck and surrounded it with a circle of stars. I tried to coordinate the quilting with the fabric used. The fabric for the background of the block had stars on it, so I tried to tie in the stars with the quilting.
The backside of the rattle applique. I oultined the rattle and did the tighter meander.
This is the backside of one of the corners. Imagine a smiley face and shine points and don't you think you get a Care Bear star??
Another view of the outer border and the sashing. Really, just love the outer border. I think it turned out very well. I've decided to try new patterns when it comes to quilting, and not let the new things scare me away. Honestly, I've done the continuous loop/star pattern on so many things recently that this whole new pattern was definitely welcome, even if it was "scary" and new!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures. After I bind this baby quilt, I'll probably try and sell it on Etsy. If I do, I'll post a link so it's easy to find.


Bonnie said...

Okay, so here is the question. Do you draw the pattern on first or do you just sew around until you get what you like. I want to do something like this but I don't know how. Your quilt is beautiful.

Busty LaRue said...

I visualize the quilting in my head, and sometimes I draw it out on paper until I get what I like. I've had a couple of clients who wanted straight lines or squares at certain intervals, and in those cases I chalk it out before I quilt. Really just keep practicing until you get it. I did a lot of drawing on paper before I actually started working with the machine and fabric.

Cheryl said...

Ooooh! I love the starry/swirly/cosmic quilting! Perhaps we need to get you a show on PBS: "Quilting With Busty."