Thursday, June 19, 2008


I got a phone call today at work. I was trying to take a lady's order, but the phone kept ringing. She told me to answer it. This is the conversation:

me: Flower shop, this is LaRue.
him: Hi honey! Why didn't you answer my phone call when I called you on your cell?
me: Because I'm working...
Mike: Oh okay. Well, I need pre-authorization.
me: For why?
Mike: Umm, you know how I was going to buy a car refrigerator for when I drive out of state for work so I can keep milk and fruit and stuff?
me: Yeah.
Mike: Can I buy it now instead?
me: Why?
Mike: Because we don't like having hot water when we get back to camp. We'd rather have cold water.
me: Fine.
Mike: Thanks! I love you!

I was baffled. As I finished helping the lady, I thought about how in the world he was going to plug in the refrigerator while they were CAMPING. So, I called him:

Mike: hello?
me: Hi! Why do you need a fridge?
Mike: I told you already. To keep our drinks cold.
me: Yes, I understand. But how are you plugging it in?
Mike: We have power!
me: You're camping
Mike: I know!
me: How do you have power if you're camping?
Mike: I don't know, we just do. Cool huh?
me: Yeah, cool. So much for high adventure.
Mike: More like low adventure. K, gotta go! Love you!
me: Love you too!

Who has electricity at a Boy Scout High Adventure campsite?? I mean, I know that the buildings need to, but why do the camp sites need electricity? And do the scouts have to pay for what they use? How weird is that? I'm still totally baffled. At least now they have a refrigerator to keep their drinks cold!


Lola said...

You should have said," can't have a refrigerator. Lets use that money to go to Lagoon with the family instead!"

Kathi D said...

They probably have electricity, and wireless internet, and cable TV and movies! He just doesn't want to tell you the rest.

Ninja Scott said...

We only had showers, and water hookups as well as electricity. We were supposed have camped at the primitive camping area, but we ended up having to camp in the RV area because our trailer with all of our dive gear would have gotten stuck in the sand at the primitive site. We could have survived without the electricity, but the water hookup saved us after we installed a mister to it. It changed the temp from 111 degrees to 77 degrees.

Busty LaRue said...

I heard about the mister. Mike said all 15 of you sat under it every possible second! He also said it was his fault you bought it. And, that if he hadn't bought the refrigerator, he, and possibly the rest of you, would have died from drinking hot water!

Busty LaRue said...

Oh yeah, and you forgot to mention that you took down your projector so you did have movies! Gosh! That is my kind of camping!