Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I go to the professionals for THIS??

I got my oil changed about 9 days ago, at a local Jiffy Lube. I have never had a problem with Jiffy Lube. I used to go to Wal-mart, but they put the wrong kind of oil in once, and they cost the same as Jiffy Lube, so I switched. Plus, Jiffy Lube supposedly vacuums your carpets.....I have yet to have my carpets vacuumed, but they claim they do it.

Anyway, the other night Mike and I saw a commercial for KFC's new sauceless spicy chicken wings. They come in a bucket of 20 for $9.99. We decided to get some, so while Mike stayed home and tried to get Marshy to sleep, I ran out to get some chicken.

My car has been making some weird noises....noises like it makes when it's low on oil. So, while I waited for them to make my wings, I popped the hood to check the oil. This is what I saw:

Yes, that is where you put the oil in. Yes there is no cap. Want to know where the cap was? So did I. Fortunately, I found it. This is where I found it:
Yes, it is wedged down between one of the belts and the engine. Not really a good place for your oil cap to be. Now, the first thing that came to mind was "Oh no they didn't!" Then, I recalled my visit......

{flashback about 9 days ago, it was a very slow day at the Jiffy Lube as I was their only customer}

tech: now, your oil wasn't registering on your dipstick, so we recommend the engine flush. It's $50.

me: Sorry, didn't budget for that this month.

tech gives me the "you don't take good care of your car" stare. I hate that stare!

me: But I'll try to budget for it next time?

tech: Ok. Also, it looks like you need a radiator flush. It's $50.

me: Well, I just had my radiator replaced a few months ago, so they did that for me.

tech: We could tell. Everything looks good up there.

me: {then why were you trying to sell me a flush??? Grrr!}

tech: Also, you need a new air filter, $14, and a new pcv valve, $7.

me: I replaced my pcv valve last winter, and my husband will take care of the air filter.

tech: {gives me the stare again.} The air filter is really dirty, but ....I guess we won't worry about those then. {Again gives me the stare}

Well....$45 later, an oil change and a new license plate light bulb later (which I later found out would've only cost me like $2 at the parts store) I was ready to go. They gave me my receipt and I drove off.

{flash forward to the other day}

I decided to review my receipt. First of all, they said they gave me a new sticker. I checked....I still have the same sticker that says my oil change was due in January or when I reached 105,000 miles. Well, I just reached the mileage, so I went in. But now I don't have a new reminder sticker, so how am I supposed to remember when I need to go in?

Secondly, the receipt said I was 1/2 quart low when I got there. If I was a 1/2 quart low then I would have registered on the dip stick. So, if I was registering, why did they tell me I didn't? And why did the try to sell me the flush? Probably because they wanted all of my money!!

Thirdly, they said they had performed a quality inspection on the vehicle. If they performed a quality inspection, then doncha think they would've found the missing oil cap?? I'm thinking that even though it was a slow day, and they got me in and out within 10 minutes, they weren't doing a good enough job if they missed something major like that!

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to make a call. I'm not usually one to actually call. I usually just complain for a day or so and then forget about it. But this was bad. Putting the cap back on is the simplest of tasks, and yet they failed to do it. Plus, I am now low on oil. This shouldn't happen after only 9 days....And I know I don't have an oil leak. Hopefully they will learn from their errors and this won't happen to anyone else.


Gina said...

I'd be round there jumping up and down on someone's head.
Demand a full check as no oil could mean serious problems to your engine.
I swear these mechanics think because you're a woman they can pull one on you.
DH is a diesel fitter so when I go into a garage I'm armed with enough knowledge to frighten the life out of them. Some of them will actually hide when I pull into the yard. Once they tried to tell me that I needed a new exhaust ( about US$1000 worth) I demanded to see what was wrong, I got a cloth and wiped away the dirt that was apparently a great big hole. They got reported to the Ministy of Transport for that one.

Give them hell.

Love and hugs Gina xx

Anonymous said...

I stopped going to Jiffy Lube because they were always telling all the things that I needed and I never got out with the $9.99 special. It all came to a head the day they flushed and filled my radiator.......well they flushed it alright and didn't FILL IT. One new radiator later and I go to the dealership now.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Oh if I was the kind of person who could do confrentation I would so do it. Unfortunatly I am a big chicken. If the cap isn't on the oil can spout out the top ocassionally. So that is probably why you are low.
If Gina lives near you I would take her with me. She sounds like she can kick some serious butt.

Jill said...

I had one experience at Jiffy lube, and swore to never go back!
My brother had just replaced my air filter a few days before, and they told me it was so dirty that I needed a new one.
They also said I needed my transmission fluid flushed and replaced because it was leaking.
The thing I find interesting, is that every time a guy I know walks into that place, they get just the oil change. I really do think they are trained to target women.

Anonymous said...

My father is a mechanic with 30+ years of experience and there is one thing he taught me-- stores like Jiffy Lube are trained to look out for the bottom line. So if I have work done by someone other than him I have learned to go to a small mom and pop shop. Maybe not as convenient, but cheaper in the long run. Ask friends for recommendations as they're the best way to get a good mechanic.