Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mystery Quilt 2009

Today is the first day of the mystery quilt I signed up to do. It is going to be really cute. I can't wait to finish....if I ever finish today. Marshy has been so cute! While I was cutting out fabric for my flying geese units he wanted to come sit on my lap. Then he wanted to play with the sewing machine or the iron, whichever I happened to be using at the moment. He thought that turning the lights on and off on mommy would be fun to play, too. Then he wanted me to build him a house out of his Mega Bloks that he got for Christmas.

Around noon I took a break to get lunch. We had Wendy's and watched Toy Story 2 while eating. Mike and I fell asleep. Oops! Marsh was so good to sit in his high chair eating his fries and chicken nuggets quietly while watching the movie. For the first time in months he ate all 5 chicken nuggets!! Of course, when the movie ended he starting screaming "OVER OVER OVER OVER!!" which naturally woke us up. haha

Now he and Mike are building dinosaurs, houses, and a garage for Lightning McQueen. Everytime something breaks Marshy starts yelling "I'll fiss it!" or "Fiss it! Fiss it!" He has gotten quite good at saying fix lately. Sometimes it sounds a little more like "siss it" but it is still really stinking cute when he says it!

I'm hoping that now that Mike has Marshy's almost undivided attention that I'll be able to finish the quilt top. Then I can post pictures. So excited!! I've never done anything like this before, and I think I chose some pretty nice fabrics considering. The pattern is a quick and easy one too, so I might make it again, with some changes, for baby quilts or something.

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