Sunday, December 7, 2008

Toddler Bed time

Yesterday we turned Marsh's crib into a Toddler day bed. I know, we are crazy. But if he can climb out of his play pen at work, he can climb out of the crib, which is a lot higher up off the ground.

It only took us 3 hours to convert it. Yeah, that's right. 3 hours to take the front off the crib and put a little mattress guard on instead. It's because I am apparently slightly challenged. See, I was trying to use the screws that came out of the front of the crib when really I should have been using the screws that were a little longer. It apparently helps to read the instructions. Who knew?!

Marsh was so excited to be able to get in and out of bed by himself. So excited that we had to put his mattress on the floor while we were reassembling his bed. He slept really well in it, until about 1:30 AM. Then he wasn't quite sure what to do! I ended up staying up until almost 3 with him on and off. He slept until 9:30 this morning, which was nice, except that we missed church. We were so good to even set 3 alarms (two of which failed) so we would make sure we would be there! Next week, for sure. (I can't wait until church moves to 11!)

This is happy Marsh and his "Phant" All I wanted was a simple picture of him in his new daybed, but all he wanted was for me to take a picture of the elephant, and then look at it saying "BABY! Mommy, baby!"
Again with the elephant. Yes, honey, I get it! Now get in bed so mommy can take a cute picture of you!

Trying to climb into the bed. It's a little high for him, but he manages to get in quite easily. It's the getting out he doesn't like! Apparently the diaper isn't enough padding for him, if you get my drift.

Finally! A cute picture of him in his bed! He loves his bed now, as opposed to before when he hated bedtime.

He did okay during naptime today. We had to put one of those doorknob child-proof handles on the inside of his door because he kept coming out to the living room to play. The first time he came out, I was actually asleep on the couch, and he smacked me so hard on my head I didn't know what hit me! It was kind of like a "wake up mommy! I want to play!" smack. I finally just put him in bed with a pillow (one of my nice ones), his stuffed animals, and several blankets. He cried at first for about 15 minutes at the door, wanting us to get him out. We ignored him, though, and he went to sleep for 3 hours! I am unsure as to whether or not he actually got into bed, but at least he slept!

He went to bed tonight with no problems, but he had to have mommy's pillow with him! I guess I'll have to get him his own pillow when I go to Walmart tomorrow. Hopefully he'll sleep through the night without any problems!


Anonymous said...

No mommy. You're going to Walmart to get yourself a pillow, cuz he ain't giving this one back to you.

Pasifik said...

Apparently, he enjoyed his new toddler bed.

Happy blogging,

Toddler Bed

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Ohhh my do I remember those days!