Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Pictures....and plumber's crack

I really need to stop leaving my camera at work! I take all of these cute pictures of Marsh, then the camera goes to work for a week and doesn't come home until the weekend. Then, naturally, I am behind in posting pictures on my quilting blog, and on this blog.

This first one I managed to take of Marsh while he was sleeping one night. We bought him his own $2 pillow from Wal-Mart, which he promptly dumped milk all over the 3rd night he had it. I figured, "Hey! It says it is machine washable. Let's get this sucker cleaned up!" I promptly threw it in the washer, and then the dryer. Yeah, big mistake. Now it is a giant misshapen mass of polyfill pillow stuff. I did manage to stuff it back into the pillow case, so at least it resembles a pillow, though.

Marsh is still having trouble going to sleep at night. I think he might be getting something, because his diapering routine has changed dramatically, and forced us to do laundry more frequently than desired. When he finally does get to sleep, though, he is the sweetest looking little angel. He snores, too. I think it's just a whistle-booger, but it's so cute. He mostly does it in the car, probably because he ends up falling asleep hanging over the arm rest of his booster seat with his arms straight out.

We Marsh has a new favorite movie now. He still loves Cars, and carries his Lightning McQueen lego car everywhere (and if you try to take it away from him, or pick it up off the floor he will hit you on the head). However, he loves dinosaurs more than Cars. What the?? I am not sure why. Maybe it's because deep down he knows he is getting Kota for Christmas. Who knows? All I know is that Disney's Dinosaur needs to be grounded for about 3 years. I have seen/heard that movie so many times I can almost quote it. I actually am longing for him to go back to Incredibles or Baby Einstein's Baby Wordsworth.

I can't tell for sure, but he is either watching Dinosaur or a Fisher Price Little People movie here. He is so enthralled. And of course, if you look closely, you can see pieces of Lightning McQueen in each hand.

And now for the money shot! BAM! The crack! He dropped McQueen on the floor and had to pick him up. It took me quite a while to get this shot. His diapers have a bad habit of not staying on his bum. Probably because he should be in size 6 (which Wal-Mart never has in stock) but I buy size 5s (because Wal-mart doesn't have size 6 in stock). I missed a prime moment a few minutes before I took this one. I swear the whole crack was hanging out! I love plumber crack on little babies. It is so much cuter than on full-grown men. *cringe* YUCK!

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