Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Cabin

Our apartment complex is fairly nice, except for where it is located. I have to laugh every day when I come home because the houses surrounding it are so incredibly the definition of "white trash". The streets are lined with cars that don't work, cars that are being fixed, and cars that have 5 year old popping out of the engine while dad or grampa or "uncle" Jim are working on them.

Some of the houses have a lot of potential, if the owners would maybe paint it or mow the lawn, or get rid of the junk pile in the middle of the driveway.

Others are just hopeless. There is one house on the street I take to get to the complex that is seriously made out of what appears to be plywood that was once painted white and is now a "distressed" (literally) look. The driveway is chunks of cement, and there isn't any grass. The owners like to loaf about in their boxers and wife-beater tank tops with their socks on, but no shoes.

The people who live across from them seem to not care whether or not their ill-kempt children get run over by cars, as they are playing in the unlit street at all hours of the day (7 AM until after 10 PM) with NO reflectors or anything on them or their bikes. They are the ones whose lawn could use a mowing.

There is another house down on the corner that used to be sad looking, but has been slightly improved by the removal of siding and installation of a nice stucco. There are still some windows missing, and the door has a large Burger King box lining it, instead of a screen. Of course, these are the people who have a "yard sale" and sit out on the corner with their sign painted on an upside down Toys R Us box with piles of what appear to be garbage strewn across their lawn. I'm pretty sure they didn't sell anything all three times they had it. I'm also pretty sure that that house either was, or is currently, a drug house. Strange looking people coming and going at all hours, two people walking up to the house, but only one going inside.... If it is in fact a drug house, I am surprised that the cop living across the street and the other cop living in the complex next door haven't caught on.

Now, I'm merely painting the picture. I'm not saying that any of these people are bad (unless that house really is a drug house, then they are)....they just should maybe take better care of their homes. And their kids. But, like I said, this is merely for illustration purposes.

Amidst this neighborhood of trashy-looking homes is a GIANT log cabin. Yep, you read that right. A GIANT log cabin. With a big fence, and huge pine trees. Made entirely out of logs. It is a really nice-looking house, actually. Now that it is decorated for the holidays, it looks really nice, too, and you can actually see it through the huge trees. It is quite a large house. But seriously, did they have to put it in such a strange place? And on such a tiny lot? It looks like it belongs in Park City, not Provo. And especially not in this neighborhood where some of the houses look like they are barely bigger than the garage that isn't attached. I find this odd. Anyone else with me on this one?

The sad thing about this area is that one street over the houses suddenly are well-kept with neat and tidy yards and nice driveways (like the house the cop lives in, which is small but nice looking, at least on the outside).

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Anonymous said...

This is weird. I'm doing posts lately on things that piss me off. The list is long but illustrious and I have one particular post concerning what you are talking about . I will come here and beat you over the head next Thursday, reminding you to come to my site and see it. Where have you been? Hmmmmm? NEXT Thursday. Got it?