Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Christmas morning pictures. I know, they're about a week late, but I have still been so busy! It's nuts how crazy the holidays get!!

When we woke Marsh up, he wasn't too happy about it. We had put Kota and the tool sets away in the other room until he opened up his other presents. His first one was the Hungry Caterpillar quilt. He was so excited. As soon as he opened a little corner he started yelling "Bankdie! Bankdie!" Then he opened Elmo Live! and it was the same thing "Elmo! Elmo!" Then we got out the tools and Kota.

Of course, he was a little scared of Kota at first.....
(Had to put in this blurry, messy hair pic. It was too dang cute!)
...Marsh had to check out everything about Kota. His tail moves, ya know, and that kind of freaked him out a little.
Then he had to check out his cool new tool bench.

Eventually he warmed up to Kota. Now we have to take Kota out of his room in order for him to go to bed. Kota is like a member of the family now. He is a pet that you never have to feed or clean up after. It's quite nice. :) Of course, Elmo is a big hit with him, too. He loves to sleep with Elmo, although I can't imagine why. He isn't the cuddliest of toys!
Breakfast at Lola's house. It was so yummy. Have you ever seen an entire room full of adults stop talking and sit quietly and listen to a toy? No?! Well then you need to get ya'all an Elmo live! I have never heard a family party so quiet! It was the funniest thing ever! And, several people, adults, wanted an Elmo for themselves after seeing how stinkin' cute he is!
We braved the massive blizzard and made it, safely, to Grandma and Grandpa H's for Christmas brunch with the family. Aunt, Uncle and cousins, and Grandma and Grandpa M were all in attendance. It was fun. Of course, G-ma H owns an organ, and Marsh has made it is sole purpose in life when he visits to push all the buttons and change all of her settings!

The H grandparents gave him a bag of Mega Bloks. He loves them. He made a tower immediately out of blocks. Now they are scattered all over the house. Just when you think you've picked them all up for the fifth time that day, there he goes getting them out again!
Christmas was so fun, and all the gifts were great hits with Marshy. In previous years we have kind of struck out with good gifts, but oddly enough this year (when he is at the weird age of 2, where everything is either too old or too baby for him) we did really good. I actually think most of the toys he got were 3+, but he is quite big for his age, and smart enough to know not to put the big plastic nail into his mouth! haha

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