Sunday, December 7, 2008

Catching up

I feel as if my blog posts have been lacking in the pictorial department lately. That is mainly because I have left my camera at the shop, instead of bringing it home every day. That being said, here is a week's worth of pictures for ya'all!

Marshy got a fun Christmas present tag kit in his Wendy's kids' meal the other night. LAME-O! Except for the cool Snoopy and Peanuts stickers, which he immediately found good use for this morning when I gave them to him.

Oh isn't he so cute?! He kept the stickers on all morning, until we were halfway to the shop. Then he started pulling them off. Every few minutes we would hear an "OW!" from the back seat.

This was last night on the way home from the shop. He fell asleep in the car, an almost empty box of crunch (or crumb) donuts in his arms. It was probably a sugar-enduced coma! Seriously, he had like 10 donuts! There was no stopping the child. We would give him one, and he would shove the whole thing in his mouth and grab another one. It's not like we don't feed him or anything. He eats a lot most days, especially on Mac 'n Cheese night.

These next few were taken last Sunday. He loves to play Guitar Hero, only without the tv on.

He can push the buttons and strum and everything! My aunt once told me, when he was not yet 1, that we needed to find out if he was a prodigy or not because if he isn't then it isn't worth wasting the money on lessons. I think she was kidding. But, at least we know that he might not mind the guitar. He'll probably even be good at it.....he has his daddy's fingers. Mine are short and not conducive to accurate or pleasant guitar playing. :(

(Notice the red "Cars" shoes he is wearing? Yeah, they are way too big for him, but he insists on wearing them. He wears an 8. That's the size they are, but for whatever reason they are like duck shoes on him and he can barely walk! Still, he throws a fit if we take them away from him. Shhh! Don't tell but their hiding on the top shelf of my closet where he can't see them!)


Bonnie the Boss said...

My nephew has a pair of them, I am sure he sleeps with them he loves them so much!

Bonnie the Boss said...

The shoes I mean, not the stickers.