Monday, December 8, 2008

Still Busy Busy Busy

I honestly forget how busy the holidays get. For some reason I feel a lot more stressed about Christmas this year than last year....and I'm almost completely done with my shopping!! I need to buy a GC for my lil' bro (who is impossible to shop for), and finish the presents for G-ma H, G-ma M, and my mom (I'm making them all myself. Ambitious, aren't I?).

I did manage to finish binding Marshy's Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt - finally! Now I am hoping to get the Cars quilt quilted and bound in time for Christmas too. Plus, I am going to make him a bed skirt, a flat sheet, and a pillowcase out of some Cars fabric I bought at Walmart yesterday. Now that he is in a toddler bed, he needs toddler bedclothes. Sheet sets are so expensive, and I have always wanted to try to make one myself, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Speaking of sheets! I went to Gracie Lou's today to buy the backing fabric for G-ma M's quilt. The pattern calls for just shy of 8 yards of fabric (I keep bringing this fact up because it is an INSANE amount of fabric!) Anyway, I did a wall hanging for Mike's cousin with natural-colored muslin on the back, and it looked quite nice. I had decided I was going to do muslin on the back of G-ma's quilt. It would be a lot less expensive than buying $10 a yard fabric. $80! Woah, I can imagine Mike's reaction when I told him that's how much it would be.

Anyway, muslin at Joann's is like $1.50 a yard for 45 inches wide, and $6.99 a yard for 90 inches wide. The quilt is about 80 x 98, so I figured 3 yards at $6.99 isn't too bad. But I wanted to check out Gracie's because they have really nice fabric. They only had the 45 inch wide in the muslin I was looking for. But then she showed me my favorite fabric in the whole world (as of right now, but don't worry, Amy Butler is a really close second!) It is the most beautiful sateen fabric ever. It is so silky smooth and soft. It's the natural color, and it is 118 inches wide!! HOLY CRAP! I only needed a little of 2 yards. It was $14 a yard, but totally worth it. Remember, I was looking at $80, so a little over $28 is nothing!

Well, my feet are now totally asleep and at the really painful tingling stage, so I'm going to go try not to cut them off and get the circulation back into them! I will post pictures of all of my progress soon, hopefully!

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