Sunday, December 14, 2008

Riding in Cars with animals

Mike got a new phone. Finally. He has needed one for a while, but has been waiting for the "perfect" phone to come along. He thought he had found it in the Samsung I-760. But then it got pulled. Not quite sure why, but it was no longer available. Then the Blackberry Storm presented itself. I told Mike I wanted it, and he said I couldn't have a new phone until I had gone for 1 year without breaking mine (This means I will be getting a new phone next September instead of this month). Then he went and ordered himself the Storm! PUNK!

Anyway, it finally came. He has been like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. Seriously. Every day it was "Is my phone here yet?" Now that it is here, he is so excited to get to use it. He decided that because it is all touch screen, with no keyboard or anything else, just a few simple buttons and a touchscreen, that he needed to buy an Invisible Shield thing-a-ma-jig. I guess they are scratch proof with a lifetime warranty or something like that.

We went to the mall to get one. While we waited for them to apply the Invisible Shield we walked around the mall. Marsh wanted to ride the kiddie rides but we only had a quarter, so we just let him sit in one instead. This was his favorite one, because it had animals in it. He kept hugging the lion sitting next to him.

You tell me: Does he look content or what? You can kind of see that he is a little pale. I think this was the starting of his not feeling good, because today he is still not doing so well. I'm hoping this is just a weekend long thing, and that he'll be back to his normal, chipper, hyper self by tomorrow.

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