Wednesday, December 10, 2008

T-shirt quilts

Has anyone done anything like this? What are some tips? I have thought about doing them, and now I have people asking about them, and I don't know what to tell them.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Ugh if you are smart you will stay away! They need stabilizer under all the knit and they are best sashed with regular quiting fabric. But they are a pain. Thats just my opinion but I've never made one, just talked to some that have.

Gayle said...

I just saw one last week that someone made and it was pretty cool looking. I forget what material she used on the back but she said that they kind of stick together. She was making them for different people. One was BYU, one was utah. She said that she has taken her kids sports shirts from one year etc. I thought it was a great idea for putting all those t-shirts you get to good use.