Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Adventures in a T-Shirt Quilt: Project Complete!

It's finished! It's finally finished! And it is SO DANG CUTE! (yes, that is me struggling to hold this heavy sucker up, on a wobbly folding chair balanced partially on hardwood and partially on carpet while Mike fumbles with his Blackberry Storm to take the picture....several times because he couldn't seem to press the right button)

I did a large meander. I used a beige colored thread on top, and a dark brown in the bobbin, to match the dark brown minkee. Ohhhh....it is so soft, I wish I had one now!
This is the quilt after I finished quilting it. I think it only took like 30 minutes or something crazy like that. I used a low-loft poly batting to try to lighten up the quilt, since it was already so heavy. I can't imagine how much heavier it would have been if I had used 80/20 or something denser than the poly!

I tried to avoid as much of the print on the t-shirts as possible. There were some areas that were, obviously, unavoidable, but overall it looks really good.

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