Thursday, December 18, 2008

Night Off

I stayed at work until 7 tonight. I am taking the night off at home. Yes, I have a quilt back that needs to be seamed. Yes I have borders that need to be sewn on G-ma's quilt. Yes I have mom's present to finish, and brother's present to start. But I am starting to get a stress cold. You know, the sinus pressure/congestion, the cough, the constant usage of kleenex (I prefer Puffs plus with lotion and aloe....guess what though? Wal-mart was OUT OF THEM! I am stuck with regular Puffs, which are better than Kleenex, but my nose is starting to get red now. boo hoo!) all caused by stupid stress. And not so much work stress, as personal "Oh crap I'm not going to get all my presents made" stress. I also stocked up on Sudafed. And by stocked up I mean bought 1 box because that's all they'll let you buy now. Stupid druggies making it hard for me to get my medicine!

I also have studying to do, laundry to finish and fold, and a lot of housecleaning that needs to be done. Yeah, I'm taking the night off from that too. I ate some popcorn, and watched You've Got Mail on tv. Now I am lazing around in my comfy jammies. Ahhhh. This is the life! Well, it would be if I weren't starting to get sick! :(

It's just after midnight....maybe I'll take some Ny-Quil and go to bed early. Hahah! Early! This is my normal bedtime...well, it will be in 45 minutes. Well, that said, I think I will go to bed. Maybe I'll start reading Persuasion again. It's not like I started it back in February or whenever, and haven't gotten past the 2nd chapter. And the language is such that I'll probably fall right to sleep reading it. That sounds like a nice plan. Okay then. I'll do it!

Good night, ya'all!!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I find I get snapish and don't think great after midnight. But I wish I was like Martha Stewart and didn't need much sleep. And could function.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying for years that I do my best work at night. I just put off going to bed like a kid at 8pm on a school night. But when you need Nyquil. . . . my doctor said to start drinking at night. I said "WHAT?" I couldn't believe my ears and in spite of what I say on my blog, (pssst I don't drink) but I started with a glass of wine and it worked. Then I started using Benadryl and IT worked. Now I've got two ways to get to sleep. One or the other, not both. But I pass up the wine, and pass up the Benadryl, and fight off sleep. It's just me and that's the way it is.