Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As Promised

As promised...I have finally gotten to it! I have uploaded quilt pictures on the other blog! I honestly didn't realize how behind I was until I was getting them all off of the camera. Holy Crap! There were 36 pictures! At approximately 2 pictures per quilt, that makes like what? 18 quilts?! Nuts!

Anyway, here are the links:

cupcake quilt
teacher quilt - this one was made by two elementary school boys. Check it out! They did an amazing job!
photo quilt
bedspread quilt
9 patch quilt
Christmas quilt
Be-Attitudes quilt - check this one out, too, for sure! It was such a cute pattern (by Nancy Halverson)
Wedding Table runner - this is the second of the two runners I did for my cousins getting married this week.
another photo quilt
black, white and yellow quilt
G-ma H's quilt - I finally finished this one! This is the one that I have the binding made for, just not attached because it is too late to sew it on. :(
G-ma M's quilt - I have the binding attached to this massive quilt, and now just need to finish it off. Grandma's birthday happens to be on Christmas day, so we decided to give her and Grandpa a large quilt.

And, to end this post of all posts, here is a cute picture of my Marshy. We had taken Mike's car one day, so I had brought the car seat in to the house instead of switching it back into my car (probably because I didn't have my keys with me). Well, he just wanted to sit in that chair and read Mike's scuba magazines. He likes to look at the fish. In fact, every time we get a new one is his favorite day! haha

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