Monday, December 29, 2008

Date Night

Tonight was the family party. We were going to go. Then we realized that we would have babysitters, my parents, and be out all by ourselves. Do you know how long it has been since we have been out on a date? Since July. Yes, I am serious. Anyway, we decided that we would see if we could go see a movie instead. We drove over to the theater. The line was outside the building and down the block. No kidding! I guess it's family night, and the kids are all out of school, so that idea went bust. Then we decided that since it was already 7 PM, and it would take us 30 minutes to get to the party, we'd just go buy a movie and then maybe grab some dinner before heading home.

We went to Best Buy. First of all: their computers were on sale. I need a laptop. The one I wanted was gone. :( So sad! BUT! The other one I wanted, the Asus 10 in, was only $380. Of course, it only has 1 G ram, so my quickbooks wouldn't run as well as I would like on it....UGH! So, the search for a decent laptop with good memory, ram, harddrive, etc continues. Then we looked at movies. They were having a $12.99 sale on some of the blu-ray titles. We bought Weeds seasons 1 & 2 for the price of 1 season! WOOHOO! Weeds is one of our favorite shows on Showtime, which we don't get, so we have to watch them online at Netflix, and some of those other free tv show sites. We also love Dexter, but they didn't have it. :(

Then we decided to go to dinner. We had driven past this little Mexican restaurant that we had never seen before, and it was packed. Joe Veras Mexican Restaurant. It's funny, because it is seriously like 1 block away from Los Hermanos. We were seated immediately, and pleased to discover that, unlike other Mexican restaurants, the menu was small and simple. No "I'd like the number 42 with a side of 27 and a 98 for dessert!" We easily decided on what we wanted and placed our order. They informed us there would be a longer than usual wait, because they had a party of 30 upstairs. 30!! WOAH! The wait wasn't actually that bad. I've waited longer at higher-class establishments for sub-par food. This food was anything but sub-par. The food was delicious! I think my favorite thing was that the rice and beans were not the main attraction. They were there to complement the food, not substitute for it. It was so yummy! I seriously still can barely walk I am so full!

We got home by 9 PM, to find Marshy totally wired with energy. He didn't fall asleep until about 10:45. Grandma and Grandpa were glad to have been able to tend him, and we were glad they came down, even if we didn't end up going to the party we originally planned on going to. But, it was really nice to finally get some time just the two of us. This holiday season has been stressful for both me and Mike, so it was nice to get a small break from everything (including baby, as much as we love him).

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