Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adventures in a T-Shirt Quilt: Day 4

No pictures for today's progress.....or lack thereof. Apparently I used the wrong marker for my seam allowance, and am now having to unpick all of my third row of sashing. I have yet to see how badly the 4th and 5th rows are. I am hoping not so bad. In fact, I am hoping there are no problems at all! So, rather than finishing this quilt top today, I will be unpicking a lot of it. I won't get to sew on it tonight because it is already 10:45 PM, and noise curfew is 10, so I will be nice and not annoy the downstairs and next door neighbors with the noise of my commercial-grade sewing machine. :)

Hopefully I can get it finished tomorrow during the commercials for Chuck and Heroes! :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm relieved to know YOU make mistakes!!! Now I can relax around you!