Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two more projects finished

Remember how I said I can't ever say no to another project? Well, two of them are finished! YAY!

I have 2 cousins getting married this month. They are sisters, and one is on the 26th and one is on the 27th. Not having time to shop for anything, and wanting to do something a little more personal, I decided to throw together these two table runners. I haven't decided who gets which, though.

This first one is Gypsy Rose by Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree Quilts for moda.
I couldn't find any fabric from the line at the store, so I picked a similar color for the border. The binding and backing are the same fabric as the border, as well. See, I bought 1 1/2 yards thinking that would be just enough....turns out I really shouldn't try to do math in my head! I figured out that I would have so much left over, so I threw on a cute little 2 inch border.

This one is Fig & Plum by Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree Quilts for moda.

Same deal with the border. It will also be the backing and binding, and I also bought 1 1/2 yards for it. UGH! At least they are done and now all I have to do is throw them onto the quilt machine at some point this week. I'm hoping to get all my clients taken care of by Wednesday so that I can do my personal quilts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday of next week. Just in time for Christmas, eh?!

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