Monday, July 28, 2008

Deer Valley Fun

We had so much fun at Deer Valley this year. I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked, but here are the few pictures I did manage to take.

The kids making their valentine bags. We did a holiday theme for each day we were up there. It was lots of fun for the kids, and they had lots of fun crafts to do.
Danny and Lola's legs. Danny was so cute! He would walk around the condos, following either of his parents around. He doesn't look like he's big enough to be walking, but he is. He is only 6 weeks younger than my baby. I know, hard to believe. Hey, Lola! We need to get a picture of the two of them together to illustrate the difference sometime!
Gabby drinking her root beer float (I think....I'm pretty sure I took this on root beer float night, so that would only make sense). She spent most of the week with Grandma Angel while Lynsey was at home getting things ready for baby Jax's arrival in a few weeks.
Marshy discovered that the air pump we used to inflate the air mattress is really fun to play with. He would put it in his mouth while it was blowing, and it would puff out his cheeks. So funny to watch!
Marshy with the air pump in his mouth. He even had it figured out how to hold it so he could flip the on/off switch easily with his fingers while the blower was in his mouth. He is one smart little tot.
Mike enjoying his root beer float. ShhH! He doesn't know I snapped this pic! hehe :)

Marshy still enjoying the blower. Please note that yes, he is in his pajamas. He had a really hard time going to sleep at night, because the sun shined right through our windows and made it so light that even with the blinds shut as tight as they could go, it was still like being outside at lunchtime. So, Marshy got to stay up quite a bit later than normal.
We had a fun time swimming in the pool. We bought Marshy a flotation swimming suit. We thought we bought a medium (30-45 lbs) but turns out it was hung on the wrong cardboard insert and was really a small (20-30 lbs)!! What the heck? Well, he didn't really float anyway, and he would rarely let go of my arm. In fact, half the time he tried to climb up my body and out of the water. After a while he really enjoyed swimming, even though the picture makes it look like he is miserable. It's only because he saw his daddy come out by the pool, and he wanted to go play with Dad.
Baby and dad out by the pool, just chilling.
Marshy enjoying some refreshment after a swim, with daddy by the pool.
Danny and Lola out at the pool. Danny didn't really like the water, until one night Lola took him into the pool, and he and his dad got to play with some of his little toys in the water. It was funny!

So, as you can see, there was lots of fun had by all! But, we are still really glad to be back home.


Gina said...

looks like you had a blast.
Isn't it funny what kids pick to play with. Gemma went through a phase when she'd only play with the plug from the bathroom sink.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh how fun!!! Its great to go there in the summer.