Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WHAT THE . . . . ???

Knox Leon? Vivienne Marcheline? What were they thinking?

I picked Marshall, and that is a mouthful for a little boy to say. Especially for a little boy who can't say his 'l' sounds yet. For example: color sounds an awful lot like car. "caw-war" Color. And car sounds an awful lot like color. "caw-war" Car.

I guess famous people are just weird and like to be different with kids' names. Let's see, you have Rumer, Scout LaRue (I like the LaRue part! Good taste!), Tallulah Belle, Shiloh, Suri, Apple, Pilot Inspektor, and lots others.

I found a site that lists some of them. Check out the comments at the person named their kid Humperdinker! Poor child! One of my high school friends swore that when he had a son he was going to name him Commander. That way he wouldn't actually have to go to military school or anything to get the title. He would automatically be Commander Butterfield. I surely hope he was kidding!


Gina said...

It just goes to prove that the famous really don't live in the real world.

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

petersons said...

I like Viviene, Knox not so much. Who cares what your name is when you're going to look like Brad and Angelina. That's what I say :)

jenny said...

who names their child humperdinker?

it's like asking to have your kid beat up in the 2nd grade.

and what is pilot inspektor all about?!


Bonnie the Boss said...

Okay, I just read the list and the comments.
Pixy Love Dust, does that come with pasties and a pole?