Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Reunion

We had the family reunion yesterday at a local park. This lovely bug was waiting for us in the grass when we got there. At first we thought he was dead, but then he started to move, so obviously he wasn't. He must've just been scared or something.
Jake was too wussy to see if it hurts when he pinches you with his pincers, so he tried to get it to pinch a stick instead. The bug was too smart, and would have none of that.
Lola, and her baby, Turtle, and daughter, Tallulah-bell.
Scott, Mike, and their dad. They were talking about scuba diving and other fun things they want to do.

It was really hot, but it was fun to see everyone. Pretty much everyone had a great time! (Marshy didn't, he was hot and grumpy most of the time.)

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Lola said...

I'm glad that you were able to get BOTH of my chins into the picture..heh heh heh!