Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Fun Day

Today we went to the zoo. Marshy had so much fun! He loved watching the giraffes. He walked right up to the fence and stuck his little face between the bars to watch what they were doing.
He also had to have his sippy cup with him the whole time. And, he was standing on his tip-toes!
The zoo has a new baby giraffe. I don't know when it arrived, but it was fun to see it out and about.
Mike tried to get Marshy to sit on the bronze tigers, but he didn't really like it. He barely held still long enough for me to snap the picture!
After the zoo, we went to the Clark Planetarium. They have a display on the upper level of the moon, and one of Mars, and they both have walkways in them. Marshy loved to run around in circles on these paths. Here he is on the moon.
And on Mars (they are on opposite sides of the room, and the paths would connect if they were right next to each other, that's why he looks like he's running in a circle)
He was in awe of the ginormous Apollo mission spacesuit. He thought it was really cool.

Then he went back to Mars.
And tried to take some Mars rocks with him.
And then he decided to try to climb up the display case for the Apollo suit.
And then he went back to the moon.
We had a really fun time. Then we went to my parents for the rest of the evening. It was all in all a pretty fun day.

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Gina said...

What a great day out. The planetarium looks a great place to be.

Love and hugs Gina xxx