Sunday, July 13, 2008


Several months ago we purchased some nesting cups for Marshy at Ikea. He loved to play with them, but I grew tired of him throwing them from his high chair at me. So, since we were lacking in the bath toy department, I promoted the nesting cups to bath toys. HE LOVES THEM! They are his favorite bath toy, and he knows that when I get them out it means he gets to play in the tub.
Here he is, with all of his cups properly stacked. He is really good at putting them in the right order. Even if you pull one out of the set and hand it to him after they're all stacked, he'll put it in the right spot. You'll notice he is still in his baby tub. We haven't graduated to the big boy tub yet, because it is really deep. When I kneel next to it, I can barely reach over and touch the bottom, so this makes it a little easier for me. At least it raises him up a few inches.
Here he is drinking his bath water. Yes, I know it's gross. Yes, I tell him every time. But this time, before I said "No no, yucky!" I thought I would at least get a picture of it. It's so cute!

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