Monday, July 28, 2008


So, I'm doing the flowers for my cousin's wedding next Tuesday. Her bridals are today, so I had to make her bouquet. Today was our first day back at work since we went on vacation, so we didn't have a whole bunch of flowers in the cooler. Angel ordered some hot pink roses (they're on our regular weekly order), and I used some really pretty and bright yellow roses that were left over from before we left for vacation. They were surprisingly still good. My cousin's wedding is using the Konfetti type of roses (we aren't getting the flowers from the place the link links to, it's just so you can see what the flowers look like!), pink Asiatic lilies, and blue delphinium. We couldn't get the roses and the lilies, so that's why I used the yellow and the hot pink roses instead. The delphinium came in just beautiful today. I was so happy with it. My fabulous sisters-in-law, Angel and Lola, helped me put it together, since it was my very first one I've ever made. I think it turned out really quite nice, and it will look bright and beautiful for my cousin's pictures.

I'm not sure if she really liked it or not when I delivered it to her, because it didn't have the lilies or roses. Of course, it's just a representation of her wedding flowers. It has her colors at least. Her wedding bouquet will be so big and beautiful though, once I get all of her flowers in it. Her wedding is on Tuesday, but I'm doing all her flowers Monday the 4th of August so that she can have them for the next morning.

I'm glad that my first run with a bouquet turned out well. A big THANK YOU to Angel and Lola for all of their help!! :)


Bonnie the Boss said...

I love being the first to comment. The flowers are beautiful and I love the konfetti roses!! You do an amazing job!

Gina said...

Beautiful flowers. You did a great job.

Love and hugs Gina xxx