Monday, November 3, 2008

You know your child is awful when.....

You have to take him into the hall twice during Sacrament Meeting (when the whole congregation meets together for the 1st hour of church).

You take him to nursery and have to sneak out while he's playing with the toys, after one of the leaders tells you he'll be okay.

You then get situated in the far back corner of Sunday School at the end of the row not by the door, scriptures open trying to find where they are reading from, when another nursery leader brings your SCREAMING child in, hands him to you and says "You need to come with him until he can control himself". Did I mention he is 2, and I went with him from 18-21 months old and he didn't want me there? Now he wants me there?? Yeah....explain that one to me!

You get home and he doesn't eat his lunch, just wants a bottle (which he looks WAY too old for).

You give him the bottle and try to take him to his room for a nap, but he won't go to sleep so you lay down on the floor to show him it's okay to take a nap and end up falling asleep and are rudely awakened by an empty bottle hitting you squarely on the back of your head while your child screams "POOP!" at you because he needs a new diaper and still hasn't gone to sleep so he's super cranky, and smelly, and needs another bottle. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

"Oh but look at what a sweet little angel he is! He can't possibly be that awful, can he?" is what you're all saying right about now as you look at this picture I took of him sleeping tonight. Just you try tending him, or making him sit still during church, and you'll hand him back to me within 5 minutes (longer than the nursery took to pass him back). We sure do love him to death though, because his cuteness makes up for it.....sometimes..... :)

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Jillybean said...

Been there, done that.

Several times.