Friday, November 21, 2008

Evenin' Folks

Blakely over at Rockin' Smockin' had a GREAT! idea, and I stole it! hehe Tonight we are having Papa John's pizza, and will probably watch National Treasure 2, or something equally fabulous I'm sure. Maybe there will be a little Fable 2 on the XBOX thrown into the mix. It will be nice to have a nice relaxing night.

Kind of like the calm before the storm. Tomorrow is Mike's birthday. YAY! Of course, it is also the BYU-Utah game at Utah (GO UTES!), I have to finish huge, massive, heavily quilted quilt, and find some time to study anatomy.

Speaking of storms......The storm has arrived!! We have been waiting for the storm to arrive for quite some time now, and Mike is so happy it is here. He ordered his today, but because he is an employee, he won't get his until the customer demand for it has been met. It's a pretty cool phone.

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Blakely said...

I enjoyed my evening. I hope you enjoyed yours.