Monday, November 17, 2008

Cool New Blog - Go check it out!!

For the Scuba diver inside, go check out this great new site. It is not only great because it has cool things you would need as a Scuba diver, but because my DH and BIL (mostly the BIL, although scubud was DH's idea) have been working on it.

I am not a Scuba diver....yet. I want to be one. I have a couple of obstacles I need to overcome first, though.

A) I have 2 yr old. Who will watch him while I am out diving or in a class?

B) I have no money to spend on Scuba diving right now, let alone the class to get certified. I have to buy 8 yards of backing fabric for Grandma's quilt for Christmas. Do you know how expensive that will be?! 8 YARDS!!!

C) Everytime I have money to take the class, I end up getting sick or have some weird ear problem. You can't dive when you have congestion. That would be bad. Very bad.

D) I don't have my basic gear set yet. I really want this cool baby pink colored mask, fin, snorkel set, but I can't find it anywhere in the USA. I have been able to find it in the UK, but then I have to pay for shipping to the US, and it's way expensive anyway.

But this doesn't stop me from at least looking at the cool new Scuba Gadget website and drooling over some of the things on there. (Like the dive caddy that compresses all of your stuff into a backpack. Totally cool!)

Oh, and yeah, my 300th post is coming up in like two posts. Not sure yet what I'll do for it. Have any suggestions? I am totally open!! :)


Jillybean said...

I know exactly how expensive it is to buy 8 yards of fabric.

I think you should totally hold out for the cute pink equipment. No girl should dive without a pink mask.

300 posts? WOW!!

Anonymous said...

After a lifetime of nightmares about drowning, everyone tried to convince me to learn how to swim and then they'd go away. I had a better solution: stay 100% away from water and swimming lessons and I won't risk drowning!