Friday, November 7, 2008

Back to School! :)

I have recently gone back to school. I know, I am already so busy, what was I thinking?! Well, I was thinking that having a job that starts at $20,000 a year is better for getting a building loan than a job that gets "Sometimes $800 a month, sometimes more or less". So, I decided to go back to school. Not actually on a campus though, just online school.
The school I am going to is Fayetteville Technical Community College in, you guessed it, Fayetteville NC. I am taking the medical transcription course. I should be done by May or June with both parts. YAY!
FTCC has partnered with Career Step to offer this course. So far I am enjoying it. They have this "study plan" tool that lets you put in your desired completion date and then it tells you how many hours you need to study a week, when you have to have each module done, and it shows your progress so far. It's pretty cool. I want to finish part 1 by Jan. 31st, so I have to study around 40 hours a week. Yeah!
I have been doing most of my studying at home at night. Last night, I was working on the keyboard kinetics module, which is full of typing tests and stuff, and I was so into it that before I knew it it was 4 AM! What the heck? 4 hours sure does go by fast!! :) Oh, and without practicing I got 100 WPM on my first test! I'm pretty proud about that one.
There is a downside to going to school though, and that is that you actually have to study. I have forgotten how much studying is involved in school work. I think that's why I haven't ever gone back after I left the U of U (GO UTES!). This isn't boring studying like before, though. This is actually really fun. I am pleasantly surprised. Now if I can just stay on the roll I'm on, and finish by my goal. That would be awesome!


Faith said...

What are you going to get your degree in? Good luck!!

Blakely said...

I went back and got my masters. I finished last year and I don't know how I did it. Best of Luck!