Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm sure I mentioned it in an earlier post, but in case I didn't:

I got a quilt from one of my clients, "Joy", and she wanted it quilted just like the picture on the pattern....or as closely as I could match it. I put the quilt on last Wednesday. I have spent all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, half the day Saturday, and all day today (Monday) working on the sets of 3 diagonal lines, all 1/4 inch apart, that go across the quilt. Finally, at about 3:45 this afternoon I finished the lines. *insert choir of angels singing praises here* Now it is time to get to work on the feathering. I was very nervous about this part. I have drawn it out many times on paper, but never at a true diagonal, like it will be on the quilt. Also, I have drawn them various sizes, so I wasn't sure how big they would actually turn out.

I chalked the first set lightly onto the quilt, so lightly I could barely see! Then I took a deep breath, anchored my thread, and pushed the "go" button. Oh I was so scared!! I didn't want to mess it up, because unpicking at this point would definitely not be a pleasant task. The first one turned out PERFECT! HOORAY!! I was feeling a little better about it. I did the next few on the row, and rolled the quilt down. (Normally I roll up, but I have to feather from the bottom up due to spacing concerns). I did the second row. No problems. I did the third row... all was going fine. Then I ran out of bobbin. So now I'm here blogging about this quilt. I took a picture with my camera phone. It's a little blurry, because the camera isn't all that great, but you get the gist of the pattern.

There you go! Your sneak peek preview! I can't wait to finish it! Every other row goes up. The other rows go down. Since I can't do this upside down and backwards (I'm not like Ginger Rogers who can do everything backwards in high heels!) I have to do the whole quilt one direction, take it off and flip it around to finish it. I'm hoping to finish the one direction right now, and flip it tonight. Then, hopefully I can get this sucker finished tomorrow. Oh that would be so nice!

Well, stay tuned! I will have more and better pictures later this week! :)

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Gina said...

It looks great . Well done

Love and hugs Gina xxx