Friday, November 28, 2008

What happens when you impulse shop on Black Friday in the Little Car

We went to McDonald's for lunch. Mike thought "we've already eaten, so let's go walk around Sam's Club for a bit and see if we can see Elmo!" Of course, Elmo was sold out. Fortunately, we already bought one. And of course, they had Kota the Triceratops on display. Oh how cool was he! Marsh loved him. Mike pulled him out of the cart and let him play with it.
We bought him. He was over half off (a better deal than anywhere else, including Amazon). It was an awesome deal. We got him out to the Saturn (a 2 door sports coupe. yeah.) and moved things around 50 different ways. He didn't fit. I put him back in the cart, and stood over next to the building while Mike and Marsh went home to get the trailblazer. They came back about 30 minutes later, and still Kota didn't fit in the car. What the heck?! Mike had to take all of his stuff out of the back of the car, put it in the front by me and Marsh, and then open the back hatch window so we could fit Kota in.

It's no wonder Kota didn't fit in! The box is almost 30 inches tall! It says some assembly required, so we didn't think to take it out of the box. When we got him home, we took him out to assemble him for Christmas and found that, except for his tail, Kota was totally put together! DUH! We so could have just pulled him out of the box and put him in the Trailblazer!

Well, we learned our lesson at least. Now we know to always take the trailblazer when there is a chance we could be impulse shopping! :)

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