Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I wish.....

Sometimes I wish that I could take a day off from work. Then I get paid and I remember how nice it is to actually have money. Not like it stays in my possession for very long. Usually it heads right out of the account to pay bills or something. At least it was mine for a minute though, right? So I guess sometimes I wish I had more money, too.

Sometimes I wish I had more time. Sometimes I wish I had less time. For whatever reason, having a deadline and being in "crunch time" mode really gets me going fast. Of course, I do have a baby who can only stand me working so much. He is really good though. And he is so cute when we get home after a long day. He gets so excited about dinner! It is the funniest thing!

Sometimes I wish people would let me get caught up with my work before they brought me more work. Like today, I thought I only had 2 panel quilts. Well, turned out there were 3, and one more is on its way to me tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I totally love having all the business. But, sometimes it is a little overwhelming to get 6 quilts in 1 day, especially when you aren't used to that.

Sometimes I wish my batting supplier was closer than they are. I need more batting, and now I have to plan in a trip up to Sandy to get it. Great! A whole 3 hours of my time totally wasted in driving. Maybe I can convince Mike to pick me up some on Thursday after work. That would be so nice of him.

This is what I accomplished today, in spite of all of my wishing. After almost a complete week's worth of work, this quilt is finally finished. Go here and look at the rest of the pictures....especially the back. The back is the coolest!

I also did 2 of these panels. Remember, I'm getting one more tomorrow? Close ups are located here.
I had kind of a conundrum about these quilts today. First of all, I am the type of person who would rather have my panels outlined. That's just me. My client wanted a design done over the top of the panel. That's her style. So this wasn't my favorite project, but I am really quite pleased with how cute it turned out. I was worried the thread I used would detract from the images on the panel, but it actually blends in really nicely, and you notice the pictures more than the quilting.

Then, after I did the first two (both on the same piece of backing fabric) I had to decide whether or not to put the next set on or do something else. Remember, I only have 1 of the 2 for the next set. I have to get the 2nd one tomorrow. So, I thought well maybe I'll put on "M"'s next quilt. She has brought me 2 more. One is huge and one is "small". Well I think that small is actually more like in between throw and twin size, because it isn't very small to me. It is cute, and has a minkee back, but she wants it quilted quite tightly, which is time consuming.

As I stood there contemplating "M", panel, or go home, Marshy woke up from his nap. That solved my problem for me! YAY! So now all I need to do is to pick up the other panel in the morning and hurry and get the other 2 done so that my client's set of 4 are finished. Then I think I will start on "M"'s minkee-backed quilt. Hopefully I can get a lot done tomorrow. That would be nice, especially since I have 9 rather good-sized quilts awaiting my services.


Faith said...

Wow! You are so busy! I'm glad you have work though especially with so many people losing their jobs. You do a great job on the quilts!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

Lucky for you I have decided not to make my kids quilts for christmas (I think my mom is though) Ok good luck with the panel quilts!!!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I will be on the other side of the freeway soon if you need me to take Marsh for a couple days a week so you can get all your work done just a thought.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I feel the same way. I wish I could enjoy my projects more. I wish I had endless hours to sit and design and stare at fabric and think. I wonder if there is fabric in heaven?