Tuesday, November 18, 2008

300 POSTS!!!

Wow!! I cannot believe I have made it to 300 posts! And I only started blogging in January!!

I've posted a whole bunch of newly finished quilts here. Go check them out! Here is just a sampling:

These are only 2 of the quilts I posted about. To see more pictures of these, and the other quilts, go here now.

Today we had Colton's Angels. It was a fun night. We learned how to make this really yummy, easy bread. I can't wait to try it out for myself and have Mike say "WOW! This is good stuff!" That would make me so happy. :)

Today we also decided what we are getting for Christmas. Ready for it?......COOKBOOKS!!! YAY! And not just any lame-o cookbooks, but really good ones. There are 6 we are trying to decide between. We are getting 4 of them. When I find out which 4 Mike orders, I'll let you know. Marshy is getting a Black & Decker tool playest, complete with "working" drill press, vicegrips, circular saw, and jigsaw. We put it together the other night. It is cool! We even played with it a little before we put it away. He is also getting Elmo Live! He loves Elmo, and, thankfully, isn't afraid of him everytime we pass him in the store. He has a few books with Elmo's picture in it, and he will open them up and say "Melmo! There he is!" It's really quite cute. Marshy will also be recieving 2 quilts, if I can get them done in time! 1 needs to be bound, and one needs to be quilted. Yikes!

I finally finished my grammar section of my schoolwork, and am now moving on to all the fun medical stuff. Right now I'm studying anatomy. I'm a little nervous, because I know that the patella is the knee cap, and I'm pretty sure that the tibia and fibia are in the leg, but then where does the ulna go? Is it in the arm? (See why I'm nervous?)

Well, there's my 300th post. Not to exciting, I know. Sorry. I think I'm really just more proud of myself for actually making it to 300 posts. I honestly didn't think I would enjoy blogging as much as I have. I am so lucky to have you great readers, and blog friends. It's nice to have friends, and I appreciate all of your comments. And if there are any lurkers out there, I'm glad to have you too!


Kathi D said...

Hey, congrats on 300! I'm right behind you, will hit 300 next week I think. Boy, are we chatty!!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

WOOT WOOT!!! Happy 300 girly!!