Friday, October 31, 2008

The Bank and cool costumes

Mike had to go to the bank today. I wish he had taken a picture of the sign posted on the door! It said:

"Please remember to remove your mask before entering the bank! Have a happy Halloween!"

At first I forgot it was Halloween, when he told me about this, and thought "Ha, how odd they would ask you to take your mask off." Then I realized.

Also, one of our friends works at the Post Office. She came in to the shop today. She was dressed as a UPS delivery person. Again, I thought "Hmm...did Trudy quit? Why is she working for UPS now?" Then I realized.

We are going to a Halloween party tonight, which is doubling as nephew Jases' birthday party. Happy 18th Jase! Mike's brother Scott will be dressed as Tony Stark. Apparently he made his own core reactor. It should be cool.

Happy Halloween

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