Friday, November 14, 2008


It's one of those nights. I really should be studying. But I don't really feel like it tonight. I think it's because I recently discovered that the Career Step training program outlines all of the modules for the course, and not just Part 1 like I had thought. So, here I have been sitting, freaking out thinking that I had to study 50+ hours a week to complete everything listed by January 31st so I could take the final and start Part 2 in February. I have been staying up until 3 or 4 AM sitting in front of my TV screen (because my computer is hooked up to the tv and I don't have a computer monitor) on a very uncomfortable folding chair with the keyboard on my lap because if I move too far away from the sensor it stops recognizing all the important letters like the h in the and the n in and, or random letters that I have to type in for my spelling tests.

Well, anyway, I discovered last night that the Career Step training program outlines all of the modules, so, I really only have to study like 30 hours a week or so to finish the whole program by the end of March. That is sounding a whole lot better to me. Of course, I think I have until May or June or something like that, but the sooner I finish, the sooner I can start working! :)

Of course, this would be just a part time night job that I do from home in my "spare" time. Wait, what spare time is that? Oh yeah, the time right now, late at night when my family is asleep and I have peace and quiet and no constant shouting from a little man named Marsh.

Which reminds me.....Marsh has been so good about me working all day and studying all night, and then sleeping in mornings. He is also so good to remind me to get up by politely yelling from the kitchen, where he has been sitting in his high chair for about 40 minutes eating breakfast and watching Dora, "Mommy! Where are you?!" This is my cue to wake up and stay awake. He is such a good boy to help take care of his mommy.

Well, I guess I've procrastinated enough....although Fable 2 for XBOX 360 is calling my name....maybe I'll play a little. NO! I have to study at least 1 hour tonight!! I promised 1 hour minimum a day. That shouldn't be too hard, right? *sigh*


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Sounds like you've got too much on your plate! Well sometimes I have a hard time deciding what enough and too much is.

I met your sweet MIL last night. What a lovely lady.

Hey It's Di said...

Oh yeah, by the way, Career Step shows you all the modules for the entire course:)