Monday, November 3, 2008

Please don't kill me for this!

The people in the following pictures might not like that I've posted these, but I have to share. See, when I did the husband tag I was looking through my wedding pictures for a pic of me and Mike back when I was skinny and he didn't have a beard (mostly because his mom threatened there would be no wedding if he didn't shave it off!). Anyway, I stumbled across some funny pictures. Well, some more funny than others...

This is one of the few pics I actually have of Colton. Lots of video, not too many pics. He grew up a lot in 3 years, didn't he? They all have. (Left to right: Colton, Jake, Jase). Oh, and if you look closely, the champagne glasses are actually inside their mouths. Completely.
This is one of my faves taken at the temple. Partly because Diana's hand is just in the wrong place for Mike's facial expression! It's really nowhere near where it looks it, but it is funny nonetheless. (left to right: Angel, Scott, Mike, Lola, Diana)
Another funny one.....from the temple! What is it with people having innuendo on the temple grounds? SERIOUSLY! (left to right: Jake, Scott, Mike, "Lego Hair dude", Neil, "Bob")
This one Lynsey meant to do! She knew Ernie was taking her picture, I'm sure of it! At least, I hope she knew!
And Diana, don't kill me, but it still cracks me up to find these photos mixed in with my wedding ones! It's like: wedding, wedding, wedding, OH! DIANA!, wedding, wedding, wedding.... haha This one was my favorite! :)
So, hope you got some laughs. And hopefully I'm still alive tomorrow! haha :)


Gina said...

Love the photos

love and hugs Gina xxx

Faith said...

Loved the pictures but where is a picture of YOU??

Bonnie the Boss said...

Great pics thanks for sharing!!!

Hey It's Di said...

Awwww. Just ANOTHER reason to go on a dang diet! I look at my skinny pictures and wonder just who I've eaten since then. I hate it when that happens:)

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

I love these pistures and had to show them to jake he cant figure out why he is looking at he camera instead of not like the rest of the boys (grandpa really looks like he is going)PS. I am a nose picker so It could have been real