Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"I had a bad day again"

That Fuel song could totally be my theme song for the day! Oh boy!

The day actually started off pretty good. I didn't wake up with a headache, like I normally do, and I was totally going to get a lot of work done today.

Well, we got to the shop, and I didn't really start on anything until after lunch (we didn't get there until around 11). It took me a while to put this quilt on for one of my clients, because I swear it is the biggest quilt I have done. Well, not the top, just the back. The whole thing has taken up all of my pins. Yes, all of them! I got the quilt on, and decided that I needed to plan how to quilt the thing.

Marshy was playing nicely in his play pen in my quilting area, so I carefully picked up the quilt top and the batting and laid it over the quilting table so it would not be a temptation for little fingers to try to touch, or for someone needing the compressor to accidentally step on.

About 15 minutes, maybe 20, later I got up from the other room where I was drawing to get something I needed. I was totally shocked to find that Marshy had managed to move his playpen, with him still in it, close enough to pull the quilt batting back off the back of the quilting table, and had been ripping GIANT CHUNKS out of my client's batting!! I screamed. Then I spanked him. We have had this discussion with Marsh several times before. Try fifty.

mom: Marsh honey, we don't eat mommy's batting. It's yucky. Blech! (as I dig batting from my own personal batting stash out of his mouth)
Marsh: just smiles and laughs.

This has happened quite often. This is why I deliberately put the batting up out of reach. The funny thing is that I didn't hear him move the playpen, and he has to jump and lean in order to get it to move. There isn't a wall between the area he was in and the area I was in, just a few cupboards making a barrier.

Marshy got put in time out in his stroller. He was not happy. He kicked me so hard in the stomach. He got an even longer time out.

I jumped in the car to go buy some batting from the local quilt shop. As I was driving toward the town, I thought to myself "mmm....I wonder if Jo-Ann's carries it?" So I called them. No. "Well if they don't carry it I'd better check with the shop." No. Nor the shop in the next town over, or the town after that. I turned around. By this time I was screaming to myself in the car to help me get rid of all of the anger and frustration before I got back to work. It didn't help much. I was really mad.

I got back to the shop, and pulled out the phone book. I proceeded to call just about every fabric store on their list. Finally a girl at one said she thought they might carry it. (Apparently this is a hard to find batting?) She went back and looked on the shelf, and came back to the phone.

her: "yeah, we carry that."
me: prepackaged or on a roll?
her: prepackaged
me: do you have a queen size?
her: I don't know. Hold on.

she goes and checks.

her: yeah, we have a few.
me: how much are they?
her: I don't know. Hold on.

she goes and checks. At this point I am seriously thinking, "Why didn't she look at the price while she was back there? Good heck! If I'm calling about a product, I might want to know what you charge!"

her: ty-two ninety-nine. (someone in our shop was vacuuming, and I couldn't hear to save my life)
me: seventy two ninety nine?
her: no. ty-two nintey nine
me: what?
her. ty-two ninety nine.
her: twen-ty-two-nine-ty-nine.
me: Okay, great thanks!

So, since this shop was close to my house, we went home and I dropped the family off and went over to get it. I got there, and do you think they had the batting? If you guessed yes, you are sorely mistaken.

I couldn't find it anywhere on their shelves, so I went to the counter to ask for help. I swear it was the same girl I talked to on the phone. She walked me back there and showed me their collection.

her: Here it is.
me: But there isn't the kind I need. Do you not have it?
her: Oh, I guess not.
me: Well when I called they told me you have it. I drove clear up here from ____ tonight because they told me you had it.
her: Well I don't see what the big deal is. What's the difference?
me: It quilts differently.
her: So?
me: It matters.

I then proceeded to call the remaining stores in that city. No one has it. I went home and called stores as far north as the county border, but to no avail.

There is one store that I was told might have it, but that they would be closed so I need to call them in the morning. If no one has it, I am seriously up poop creek without a paddle. I will try to repair the hole, maybe flip it around so that it is more towards the bottom, where there is a lot more excess batting. Maybe it won't even matter once I flip it! Oh wouldn't that be so nice?!

Oh, and also, yesterday we had a power surge in our building. Well, it was either a brown out or a power surge. Not sure, but it caused everything in the house to turn off. Well today, our brand new computer as of a few months ago, started to overheat. What the heck?! We bought the best cooling system to avoid this problem! So, in addition to the batting problem, I have to worry about how much I do on the computer because it could overheat and die.

And, our internet was streaming video super fast earlier today in really good quality, and now all of a sudden we can't watch anything online at all. It says our internet connection is so slow that we would not be able to watch the movie (Harry and the Hendersons on Netflix) without having constant pausing and buffering. Also, it won't even really let us utilize XBOX live on our XBOX. Mike tried to add my gamertag as a friend, and it made him do it several times before the internet actually let him do it. UGH! Electronics!! (Our PS3 is on its way home to us though, so we are happy to have a DVD and Blu-ray player again. Now we are hoping it doesn't go out a second time!) *fingers crossed*

Twilight is coming to theaters tomorrow....well, technically Friday morning at 12 AM, but do you think I get to go see it? Probably not. I'm so sad! I have seriously been waiting for this movie for forever (since I read the books) and I have read interviews, articles, watched online clips, watched music videos and trailers, etc. getting ready for this show. I was so excited. Now I'm just kind of sad. :(

Okay, enough of my venting and pity-party. I am going to be upbeat and cheerful tomorrow, even if I have to staple my mouth into a smile!!

Besides, it's the BYU-Utah game this weekend, at Utah, and I just have one fabulous thing to say:

(I went there for 3 years....I feel like they are still my team.)


Gina said...

Oh sweetie what an awful day.

If I was you I'd buy a nice big bar of chocolate and have a nice bubble bath with the door locked.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am so sorry!!! That just sucks big time!!!
The part about Marshy eating the batting made me giggle. although I know it is not at all funny to you!
I live in ogden do you want me to look for something specific and I could meet you half way with it. Let me know. Hang in there.

Faith said...

That stinks Joanna. I hope that someday it will be funny that he ate the batting but I know that someday is probably pretty far away right now. I had a hard day yesterday too. It's not easy to be a mommy.